THE last witch

alufai AW20 collection unfolds the vision of modern femininity blended with artisanal hand weaving techniques, it puts the spotlight on dedication to Taiwan’s Payuan culture “ last remaining witch”.

The collection reinterprets silhouettes from the post-war Richard Avedon’s women blend it with contemporary philosophy. It is said that the only way to completed the stage of becoming a which, the trainee need to be tied and kept in a type of rope called: ‘saray’, when the ceremony is done, she gains regenerative powers to help her villagers. Motifs are reinterpret in prints to create a quirky atmosphere of the collections. She is in between rebel and romantic.

Under the elegant appearance, she has a proud and liberal soul.

cover_工作區域 12-[bTC ]alufai aw20 Lookbook-04