alufai creates original textiles combined with unique, artisanally developed techniques. Exploring hybrid of traditional and modern cultures ethos, aiming to push its boundaries with a vision of conflict and romantic aesthetic surrounds the women.

Established in 2019,,”alufai “is a name originated from the aboriginal culture in Taiwan with unique portrait of a female’s characters. She is passionate on what she does and always ahead of everyone. She plays hard but works harder than anyone else. She loves hunting more than weaving clothes. She is fearless on taking challenges rather than taking the supporting role at home resembling the virtue of traditional Taiwan culture.

The philosophy of alufai is the haute-couture of street, achieving perfect balance by utilizing knitwear mix media while adding a fine-touch on our imagination and quality.


Y.C. and Ping are the creators of alufai who clicked at their first sight through their love of fashion and sense of humor. The foundation of alufai is built upon Y.C and Ping similar educational background at London College of Fashion. The design Philosophy is further enhanced through their differences with Y.C being raised by parents with scholar profession in Taiwan traditional culture and Ping having previous career exposure in textile design.

The creator duo gained their experience at Peter Pilotto, Holly Fulton and one of the top-three largest textile com- pany in Taiwan. The initial set-up of their design studio was simple with only a drawing set and a second-hand sewing machine. Nevertheless, they work tirelessly, following alufai’s journey creating their distinctive style.

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